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T-shirts without colors is just like a food without salt. Blue and Green Shades make your child feel relaxed, symmetric designs make them look balanced. Orange Idea T-shirts are designed exclusively for uplifting children’s mood. The Fashion guide shall help you every fortnight with kids fashion tips.

What kind of clothes your child like?
It’s although not that easy to understand what actually your child likes vs. what actually looks good on him/her. Adding one more important attribute to it is that who judges what looks good on him/her. Clothes are the expression of a child, always try to understand him/her and that improves their decisive skills and they take the charge of their own lives. Making it easier, ask them what they like – Maybe Superheroes, cartoon characters, flowers, animals, birds, their preferred patterns etc.

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Let your child have a blast this summer
It's time for summer, and let your child have a blast this summer. Orange Idea brings you some awesome collections of t-shirts with 100% Cotton Fabric. The T-shirts are made with sensitive, skin-friendly fabric, and your child's playtime will be fun-filled and without itches and rashes.
74% Of Children spend less than 30 minutes on outdoor play
74% Of Children spend less than 30 minutes on outdoor play. It's important for the gross motor development of a child, and they touch the soil, and their body absorbs sufficient vitamin D during the morning and evening