About Us


Everything begins with an idea – Earl Nightangle

The biggest gift you can give your children is the ability to think, ideate, question and create. And we at Orange Idea bring the tools to facilitate this interactive process of learning, growing and having fun all the way.

With our wide range of products, growing inventory, fast delivery and prompt customer service we hope to ease your work and, become a part of your journey. So whether it is buying school course books, hobby kits or getting the pretty outfit for your kid’s birthday, we are there to assist you in every step.

A visit to our website is just like peeling and having an Orange. With so many offerings and ideas at your fingertips, we assure you that shopping with us will be a wholesome and fruitful experience.

The Journey-

The year was 2013, and buying school books, stationery and uniform was a very time consuming and a lengthy process. There were lot of mom-and-pop stores selling school materials, but the most interesting thing is that there was no major online retailer that specialised it School material. So, inspired from the market scenario and growing demand of online shopping in India we decided to start an online school retailer ... and Orangeidea.in was born J

The original Idea was to create a website that offered the absolute best selection of School Books, Stationery and Uniforms. Our the past years, the business and aspiration have evolved and with that we are now becoming the place for buying not just school materials but anything related to kids.

The Belief-

  • One day, 30% of all retail transactions in India will be online
  • People will prefer to buy from the company with best service and best selection
  • Orangeidea.in will be that “Online Store”