About Us


Square! Yes, that's what a child's life has become nowadays, especially post-covid. A Child prefers to stay in the square room to avoid sun and soil and gets attached to the tablets or phones, which are again square, or the TV screens.

You can't shift+delete it, instead giving them new horizons. Orange Idea has been into stationeries for school and art activities since 2011 and enhancing the experience of outdoor and indoor play; We launched some cool graphic t-shirts for your children. Orange Idea promotes experiential learning, where the children explore their skills and find their passion at an early age. Apart from stationeries, cloth matters too. A child wearing the t-shirt in contact with your child's sensitive body must be comfortable, soft, and breathable.

Be Playful with Orange Idea. The special edition of t-shirts for your kiddos between 2-8 years. Let them wear smart and cool T-shirts, be it travel, casual, or playtime; it's always a Showtime. The fabric is child-friendly. The colours, patterns, and designs are chosen carefully to uplift your children's mood and motivate them to action.

It's time to un-square your world and plunge into nature and creativity. Make memories and explore with Orange Idea.

The Kids fashion brand for your 2-8 years children.